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Due to the continued escalation of violent crime in Algiers and other communities in New Orleans, a group of concerned African-American women met to discuss what they could do to stem the tide. Women On The Move, an organization with deep community roots in Algiers, convened its first meeting. At the meeting many women shared their personal stories of loss and how violent crime had impacted their families and friends. Together, they vowed to stand up, face theirs fears and get to work. Three major objectives were established: First find and or develop solution based tools to help rid their communities of crime; second work with partners to assist in the prevention of community deterioration in the areas of blight, education, housing and economic opportunities; and third develop a blue print of our work that can be replicated in other communities. Women Standing Up was born.
Our mission is to work collaboratively with residents, agencies and law enforcement to address concerns and solutions that will improve the quality of life for families living in the Greater New Orleans area.
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