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Crime Prevention Sunday

The Word of God says "arise and build strengthen your hands for this good work for the Lord Our God shall cause us to Prosper" Nehemiah 2:18.

WSU met with various ministers within the City of New Orleans to discuss how the involvement of the church can impact everyday issues our various communities are facing. WSUs’ overall focus is to reach and touch families that have been directly impacted by crime in some way or another. Once a month through our partnerships with these Pastors, we are authorized to come to their churches and speak to their membership in an effort to have women join "Women Standing Up." This effort also allows us to both support and encourage those persons while demonstrating our commitment to God and community as we pursue a peaceful existence. The strength that our local churches have provided serves as the driving force for Crime Prevention Sunday.

Through the support of our local clergy, Bishop J. D. Wiley-Taylor, Bishop Thomas Brown, and Pastor Corey Watson, as well as a host of other Pastors, WSU is committed to visit a church each month to enjoy family devotion.

"Women Standing Up" believe the words of Dr. Martin Luther King.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?”

Please join us in our quest to serve you and those around you! Interested in membership? Join us online or for a physical form (click here).
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